musical toys for babies

The Best Musical Baby Toys & a WSS Promo Code

Even if you don’t plan on your kid growing up to be the next great composer or a rock star (but hey you never know!), encouraging play and interaction with music is an excellent way to develop a variety of skills. Exhibit A: there are a ton of musical baby toys on the market. Are some better than others? What else can you do to help your child’s development? We have our list of the top musical baby toys, as well as a WSS promo code today. WSS Promo Code… Continue reading
money lessons for kids

Money Lessons for Kids and Adults: Coupon Code Websites!

Money and finance are complicated subjects, and even adults often struggle with things like credit card debt and calculating mortgage interest. Everyone Should Be Using Coupon Code Websites. Heck, even certain website owners have trouble realizing that they should be using coupon websites to save 15-20% on average on your household spending budget.¬† It’s a free and easy thing. Want a new pillow? Search for ‘enterprise coupon code‘ and you’ll find coupons like the ones you find when you click here, and boom! You’ve just spent less money… Continue reading
headphones and other ways to calm fussy children

Headphones Under $100 & Other Tricks to Calm Fussy Children

Children can get irritable for a lot of reasons, and nobody likes dealing with a child that is throwing a tantrum. But if you look back at your family history on, you’ll find that you were once a child. Well, you don’t need to have a DNA test to prove it. Our point is that everyone was a child once, and your child didn’t invent tantrums. In this article we’ll go over a few tips and tricks to calm down a child and restore the peace wherever you might… Continue reading